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  • What curriculum does MBCA offer?
    MBCA works in partnership with RC Education providing an Integral Formation® which is an education model rooted in faith in Jesus Christ and sound Christian anthropology, leading us to be steadfast in our vision of forming Christian leaders. This educational model is shared among 154 schools around the world, and 11 schools across North America. You can learn more about the specifics of MBCA's curriculum by clicking here.
  • Will all the Ontario Curriculum guidelines be followed?
    The MBCA curriculum does not include the Ontario Curriculum expectations. MBCA's curriculum expectations are adopted from RC Education which exceed the Ontario curriculum expectations and standards. All core subject areas such as Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, etc., are offered in the Canadian context. Private schools are not required to use the Ontario curriculum unless they are seeking authority to grant credits toward the OSSD. MBCA is exploring its high school programs and course accreditation and hopes to expand to grades 9-12 in the near future.
  • How do you measure individual student achievement and progress?
    Each subject area within our curriculum emphasizes different learning strands and benchmarks for student achievement. In addition, through small class sizes, educators are able to perform regular assessments and communicate directly with parents to report on a student’s progress. In addition to regular communication, educators provide progress reports/report cards three times a year, along with parent and teacher interviews twice a year.
  • Will students have the same access to extra-curricular activities that other private schools have?
    During the first year of operation there will be inaugural events and extra curricular activities that may become available regularly depending on the students interests & parents’ volunteers.
  • What is your policy for dealing with students who struggle academically? What are your plans to accommodate gifted students?
    At MBCA we aim to keep class sizes small which will allow for individual support and the ability to adjust the educational plan for each student as needed. Parents, staff and administrators work together to design an educational model that fits the needs of your child in a encouraging and flourishing atmosphere. Throughout MBCA's admissions process, and assessment will be offered for your child to understand his/her learning strengths and areas for growth. This allows our admissions team to understand the needs and capabilities of your child to determine if he/she is a right fit for the school and if MBCA is a right for your child and your family.
  • What exactly does tuition include?
    Tuition fee includes 1 year enrollment, textbooks, and handouts. Uniform and some school supplies are not included. School patches will be available for a small purchase for families upon acceptance.
  • Are there any essentials not included in tuition?
    In addition to the tuition fees, parents will be responsible for purchasing school supplies, uniform and additional fees incurred for possible field trips, events, fundraisers or extra curricular activities. A list of school supplies will be provided to parents at the start of the school year.
  • What does it mean that MBCA is a Registered Canadian Charity?
    MBCA is a registered Canadian charity with the CRA for the purpose of religious formation and education. As a charitable organization, MBCA is able to offer tax receipts for a portion of the paid tuition for the allocation of religious education time. These percentages fluctuate each year depending on the formula provided by the CRA in regards to several areas of the schools enrollments, financials, etc. and are provided to families in February/March of each year.
  • Are there any Tuition Assistance programs?
    Bursaries and Financial Aid programs are funded by individual donors and various grants which support many families to invest in Catholic education. MBCA’s Board of Directors is working toward offering tuition assistance as soon as possible. A separate application will be required.
  • Do you offer multiple child discounts?
    As MBCA is in it's early foundational years, we are seeking to acquire the necessary funds to ensure a full successful operation of each school year. Currently, there are only discounts offered for families who enroll three (3) or more children.
  • Who is the governing body of the school?
    Mater Boni Consilii Academy is a non-profit charitable organization run by a Board of Directors. The Board evaluates, assesses and provides direction for the advancement of students' Catholic formation and academic excellence. Click here to get to know our Board Members.
  • Do you require OCT designation of all educators?
    All MBCA educators are proud to hold the OCT (Ontario Certified Teacher) designation. This certification ensures that every educator at MBCA meets the rigorous professional standards set by the Ontario College of Teachers, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in teaching and dedication to fostering a high-quality learning environment for all students. In Ontario's private school system, teachers are not required to hold an OCT designation. MBCA leaves this option open for consideration for those seeking roles as support staff, EA's, etc. All staff at MBCA are considered formators; missionaries centered on recognizing the inherent value of each student as a child of God.
  • Where are the teachers hired from?
    Educators are hired from the community after an application and interview process. Educators are expected to be active in their parish community, living in communion with the Catholic Church, and prepared to teach in accordance with the Magisterium of our Catholic faith. Educators and staff are also required to engage in continued faith formation provided by MBCA; including but not limited to: retreats, faith formation days, and professional development.
  • What professional development opportunities are available to teachers?
    RC Education provides professional development conferences for the RC School network. Staff also has access to training and coaching for RC Educations' school curriculum implementation. MBCA also participates in professional development opportunities through the Consortium of Independent Ontario Catholic Schools.
  • Does MBCA have uniforms?
    Yes, MBCA's Uniform Policy is available on our website. The dress code enhances the learning atmosphere, adds a sense of pride and reduces competition among students. MBCA students are expected to wear their uniform in a manner that portrays a positive and modest self-image, conveys personal neatness and cleanliness, and demonstrates an attitude of excellence in performance and achievement.
  • Do you offer a bus service?
    Being the only Private Catholic School in the Halton Region, MBCA is seeking to offer a bus service once an adequate number of students and financial resources are acquired. While there is currently no bus service to and from MBCA, school administrations is able to coordinate carpooling for families from various neighbouring towns/cities.
  • Do you offer Before & After Care?
    Currently, there has been no requirement for a Before & After Care program, however, MBCA is available to provide the necessary programming as needed for families. Please inquire with school administration upon applying.
  • Is there a deadline for applications?
    MBCA's enrollment deadline is August 1st of each year prior to the coming school year. This allows school administration enough time to asses the needs and staffing requirements for the coming academic year. Student applications are welcome throughout the school year, and start dates are assessed with inquiring families at an appropriate time.
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