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  • When do you plan to open?
    Our goal is to be fully operational in September 2023. We will need support and volunteers to make this possible.
  • How do you measure individual student achievement and progress?
    Through small class sizes, educators will be able to perform regular assessments and communicate directly with parents to report on their student’s progress. In addition to regular communication, educators will provide progress/reports three times a year, and parent and teacher interviews twice a year.
  • Will students have the same access to extra-curricular activities that other private schools have?
    During the first year of operation there will be inaugural events and extra curricular activities that may become available regularly depending on the students interests & parents’ volunteers.
  • Who is the governing body of the school?
    Mater Boni Consilii Academy is a non-profit charitable organization run by a Board of Directors. The Board evaluates, assesses and provides direction for the advancement of students' Catholic formation and academic excellence. Click here to get to know our Board Members.
  • What curriculum will you be following?
    MBCA is affiliated with RC Education as a lay run school. They provide us with their curriculum objectives, training and support for Board members, staff and administration, coaching for advancement and operations and much more. You can learn more about the specifics of MBCA's curriculum by clicking here.
  • Will all the Ontario Curriculum guidelines be followed?
    The goal of MBCA curriculum does not include the Ontario Curriculum guidelines. Private schools are not required to use the Ontario curriculum unless they are seeking authority to grant credits toward the OSSD. MBCA will explore this possibility once we have students preparing for high school.
  • Are there any qualified OCTs part of this process?
    As our team continues to grow, MBCA is open to working with Ontario Certified Teachers. Currently, MBCA has a few OCT educators serving as advisors to the Leadership Team. Once we are in the position to hire additional educators, some may be OCT certified, but this is not a requirement.
  • Where will the teachers be hired from?
    Educators will be hired from the community after an application and interview process. Educators will be expected to be active in their parish community, be living in communion with the Catholic Church, and prepared to teach in accordance with the Magisterium of our Catholic faith. Educators and staff will also be expected to engage in continued faith formation provided by MBCA.
  • What professional development opportunities are available to teachers?
    RC Education provides professional development conferences for the RC School network. In the first few years of operations, staff will also have access to training and coaching for RC Educations' school curriculum implementation. During this year of transition we plan to provide monthly faith formation for our future Educators.
  • Will there be uniforms?
    Uniform guidelines for MBCA are still under review and details will be shared upon the school's opening.
  • What exactly does tuition include?
    Tuition fee includes 1 year enrollment, textbooks, and handouts.
  • What can I expect my overall yearly expenses to be, including tuition and extra costs, to be at your school?
    It is difficult to predict what the other expenses may add up to in our first year of operation. At MBCA we are committed to keeping fees reasonable for families.
  • Are there any essentials not included in tuition?
    In addition to the tuition fees, parents will be responsible for purchasing school supplies, uniform and additional fees incurred for possible field trips, events, fundraisers or extra curricular activities. A list of school supplies will be provided to parents at the start of the school year.
  • What is your policy for dealing with students who struggle academically? What are your plans to accommodate gifted students?
    At MBCA we aim to keep class sizes small which will allow for individual support and the ability to adjust the educational plan for each student as needed. Parents, staff and administrators work together to design an educational model that fits the needs of your child in a encouraging and flourishing atmosphere.
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