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What Sets Education at MBCA Apart?

At MBCA, academic achievement is multi-dimensional and encompasses more than just knowledge. The development of good personal habits and strong skills, including discipline, perseverance, and quality work, create a foundation for success.


Integral Formation® provides context for your child’s academic achievement, linking their intellectual development to the growth of their spirit and character. The entire academic and social culture of the school works to provide an environment in which students make connections between what they learn and the way they live, in light of a coherent Catholic-Christian worldview that’s enlightened by truth.



Children Praying

Spiritual Formation

Our method of education encourages students to develop a personal relationship with Christ. We believe intellectual and human growth come to perfection through spiritual efforts. Students will be taught the Catholic faith and virtues both as an academic subject and as a practical way of living. Our goal is to provide experiences of Jesus’ unconditional love, and motivate them to live a life of  virtue.

Human Formation

Every  aspect of MBCA school life is designed to help students develop character through their respect for God and others. With a special focus on servant leadership and upholding personal convictions. MBCA's students become self-confident, poised, sincere, ready to lead and serve. Character is the core of authentic leadership.

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Apostolic Formation

Each student has special gifts and with them great responsibility. At MBCA, a spirit of service is fostered in students by encouraging them to contribute the talents they have been given. We prepare students to place their talents at the service of Christ and others through classroom instruction and a wide range of outreach projects and opportunities in the local community and within their families.

Intellectual Formation

A student's mind is formed in the discovery of what is True. Your child will be encouraged to exercise each facet of their intellect through analysis, synthesis, relation and expression. Students learn to use base knowledge to apply critical thinking, problem solving skills and strategies, achieving academic excellence. 

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