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Exemplary Faculty

We are committed to employ dedicated, motivated and highly qualified educators who are well formed in the teachings of the Catholic faith and seek to continually work on nurturing their relationship with Christ.


Faculty and staff serve as mentors for their students and as living examples of mature and joyful Christian living. Our educators challenge each student toward excellence by catering to their individual abilities, teaching them in the way they learn best.

Meet The Team

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Michael Aguiar - Executive Director

Michael studied in the Catholic Studies for Teachers program at the University of Western Ontario along with extensive Religious and Humanities studies at the Legion of Christ Novitiate and College of Humanities. Furthermore, Michael has exceptional experience in business management and network marketing.


Michael brings 10 years of youth ministry experience as a mentor and pastoral counselor to youth and young families. He dedicates himself the mission of engaging and forming a new generation of Catholic leaders. In June 2021, alongside the publication of two books, Michael successfully opened a transitional youth home in Oakville, Ontario with Oasis Youth Care offering support services in efforts to help reduce youth homelessness.

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Paola Paventi - Principal

Paola finished her professional education equivalency at St. Lawrence College and has been teaching children for over 23 years.


She has knowledge in Spanish, Italian, English and French and has taught Spanish and French language skills. Paola is a published author of a children book and an active member in her parish community. 


Her professionalism in spiritual formation, classroom management, learning skills and capabilities provides a well-balanced and engaging environment for all students and school communities. 


Anthony Danko - Property Advancement

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