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Meet our Dedicated Faculty

Michael Aguiar - Head of School

Michael Aguiar.jpg

Michael is a Catholic Educational Entrepreneur who studied in the Catholic Studies for Teachers program at the University of Western Ontario along with extensive Religious and Humanities studies at the Legion of Christ Novitiate and College of Humanities. Furthermore, Michael has exceptional experience in business management, leadership training, and network marketing. In 2023, Michael partnered with Catholic entrepreneurs and founded the Consortium of Independent Ontario Catholic Schools.


Michael has over 12 years of youth ministry experience as a mentor and pastoral counselor to youth and young families. He dedicates himself to the mission of engaging and forming a new generation of Catholic leaders. In June 2021, alongside the publication of two books, Michael successfully opened a transitional youth home in Oakville, Ontario with Oasis Youth Care offering support services in efforts to help reduce youth homelessness.

Paola Lecanda.jpg

Paola Lecanda - Founder & Dean of Academics

Paola is the Founder of MBCA and received the inspiration in prayer to begin the school back in 2010. She finished her professional education equivalency at St. Lawrence College and has 25 years of experience working as RECE, Religion, Arts, Spanish and French teacher. 


She has knowledge in Spanish, Italian, English and French and has taught Spanish and French language skills. Paola is a published author of a children book and an active member in her parish community. In 2023, she received the Attenig Behaviour Therapist Certification.


Her professionalism in spiritual formation, classroom management, learning skills and capabilities provides a well-balanced and engaging environment for all students and school communities. 

Maribeth Cabazor - Profile Picture.jpeg

Maribeth Cabazor - Designated Registered Early
Childhood Educator (RECE)

Maribeth is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and has been an educator for 19 years. Her experience to care, nurture and teach young lives have taken her to places in her career that she would not have imagined. From working at a back-up daycare to having her own business, she has gained multitude of opportunities to grow and work with families. Her active involvement in the Light of Jesus Charismatic community (LOJ) gave way for growth in her faith and knowledge about the Catholic faith and deeper love to grow in wisdom for the Truth.


In creating programs and sessions, some of her accomplishments bloomed  and her focus has been building up young people and accompanying them in their faith journey and knowledge of how to enhance character and be better versions of themselves. Small group initiatives such as Girls’ Club, Preteen sessions, children’s time with Jesus were brought and developed into being even amidst the pandemic. 

Her heart’s desire is to do small things with great love. (St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta) 

Mary Semchyshyn.jpg

Mary Semchyshyn - OCT, Grades 1-5

Mary Semchyshyn is a highly devoted and experienced teacher that has worked for numerous tutoring centres, private Catholic and private language schools. Her professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm for subjects and students bring a unique experience to learning. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto in English Literature and Art and Art History. She acquired her Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor. Miss Semchyshyn has volunteered for many organizations, various school boards, Toronto Public Library's Leading to Reading Program, and has also been a docent at the McMichael Art Collection. Her love of teaching has led her to work with many diverse cultural communities. She has even taught ESL to children and adults. She is a passionate, energetic lifelong learner who with faith, inspires and motivates students to achieve their greatest potential. She is fluent in English and Ukrainian and enjoys the Humanities, particularly Medieval Art and Architecture.

Carrie Powers.png

Carrie has been a passionate teacher in elementary education for 28 years. Her professional journey has taken her around the world from Chile to New Zealand, Toronto, Arctic Quebec and Vancouver. She has taught students in all elementary grades throughout her career as a classroom, physical education, and specialist teacher. In 2016, Carrie obtained her masters of education in Special Education from the University of British Columbia. One of her professional goals post graduation was to start her own tutoring business; to work alongside students with unique learning needs on a full time basis. In 2019, she took that leap of faith and started her company ‘Partner in Learning.’ Since then, Carrie has helped dozens of students from public, private. and Catholic schools in the GTA area. She finds joy in spending time with her students and helping them strengthen their areas of need.

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