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School Kids
Community Volunteers

The support and engagement of our local community members, parents, teachers, and students are the cornerstone of our school's success. By actively involving the community, we create a network of dedicated individuals who are not only invested in the academic growth of our students but also in the overall well-being of the school. This collaborative effort ensures that MBCA becomes a place where shared values, diverse perspectives, and collective ambitions converge to create a vibrant community of apostles.

Ways You Can Support MBCA

All volunteers are required to submit a Police Record Check or a Vulnerable Sector Check, in compliance with MBCA school policy 

Please submit a cover letter and pastoral reference to the Head of School, Michael Aguiar. Please be sure to indicate your interest, describing why you want to volunteer at MBCA, and highlight the experience and talents that make you an excellent candidate.

All submissions should be sent to:

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