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Throughout elementary, teachers offer focused, personalized guidance that sparks a love for learning and seeking truth at every level. Our highly-ranked elementary outcomes in language and numeracy build your child's confidence to pursue future academic excellence.

Grade 1 - 3

Building courage in classroom learning starts with a secure and fun environment. Mater Boni Consilii Academy educators work with students personally to understand the best methods to encourage confidence in achieving superior skills in literacy and numeracy.


In addition to the academic foundations, children grow through expanded opportunities in faith studies, music French and Spanish class, and performance opportunities. 


Integral Formation in Elementary

Human Formation

Students begin developing public speaking and performance skills by preparing for concerts and assemblies and poetry recitation. 

Spiritual Formation

We integrate spiritual celebrations within our school year calendar along with daily opportunities for prayer and reverence.

Intellectual Formation

We emphasize superior numeracy and literacy skills to encourage a love for learning in all areas.

Apostolic Formation

Students are encouraged to participate in concrete works of charity including Mary's Meals and serving younger classes. 


Grade 4 - 8

The upper elementary curriculum emphasizes reading and writing, mathematics, computer skills, and public speaking development, setting the foundation to prepare for high school.

Students have increased levels of autonomy, along with higher expectations of how they’ll behave and perform. Students move between classrooms for academic classes, including language arts, literature, math, science, social studies, and religion.


It is during the crucial middle school years that Christian values and habits, which form the foundation of your child’s adult character, begin to take shape. We partner with our parents in this formation of character. Our goal is to help each child develop into the unique Christian leader that God is calling him or her to be.


We have developed a unique transitional experience in elementary years that moves students seamlessly from the care and comfort of elementary school to a nurturing environment that prepares them for the academic, social, and extracurricular demands of high school.  

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