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Mater Boni Consilii Academy: Our History

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

In 2010, Paola Lecanda was inspired to begin to pray about the idea of opening and operating a private school in Halton. She invited me, Tima Borges to join her in this prayer intention. Soon after joining in prayer our discussions began take shape in the form of what seemed an impossible dream. To open a private school that included Catholic teachings in accordance with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church, in the Halton area.

This manifested with a simple desire to preserve the integral Catholic formation of our children. The need for an alternative option for Catholic families in Halton, quickly became apparent. We wanted our children, and children in other Catholic families to have the option to attain a valuable education not only in academics, but an education that demands excellence in their integral development. In taking a holistic approach to education and forming the whole person steeped in the Catholic faith.

In February 2013, we were joined by a few other community members who were Catholic professionals. They shared our vision for a private school with Catholic teachings. While we have a big dream, we have remained realistic and prudent in effort to start small and remain open to God's will and timing.

The development team has grown from three moms, to a group of seven professionals who work diligently and pray with a steadfast faith. Holding on to the scripture verse from Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance that what we hope for will come about and the certainty that what we cannot see exists.” We had taken on this project trusting that Christ would inspire supporters and benefactors to fund this project.

While we each bring unique gifts and talents to the team, this endeavor is new territory for all of us. From Business Administrators, Educators, and Moms, we have come together with a single focus to pray and to work to make this dream a reality.

2014 was an exciting year for the Development Committee and Board members of MBCA. We were able to host two fundraiser events. We accumulated student desks, white boards, musical instruments and other various items from another school that had closed down near Ottawa, Ontario. MBCA was approved as a non-profit charity. We also had an encouraging meeting with the Bishop of the Hamilton Diocese, where we were able to share our vision with him.

By early 2015 it seemed all that was left, was for us to find a place to call our own. Our plan was to serve the younger elementary school grades in the first year, in hopes of gaining momentum and the experience required to move forward in serving older grades and reaching more families in the community.

Adopting the mentality that we work as if it all it depends on us, and pray knowing it really all depends on God.

By 2017, with no location or funds in sight, our efforts came to a pause. We never lost sight of the focus, but we continued to trust in God's timing. However, without financial support we had to make some tough decisions which included selling some of the school furniture we had attained and deactivating our website. All the while holding on to the dream that some day God would show us the way forward.

Our Mother of Good Counsel (Mater Boni Consilii – in Latin) has been our gentle and humble partner throughout the discernment and development of this project. This project was born in Our Lady’s heart and rests in the heart of three Catholic women who are wives, mothers and educators. This project started with prayer and we continue to entrust it to the heart of our Blessed Mother and pray it is continually guided by Christ.

Learn more about our Development Team.

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